This section is about ideas that have been important to me. One such idea is the link between the visual and the verbal, between literature and art.

The visual/verbal link features in the education sections of the ‘About Me’ thread. In this, the ‘Ideas’ thread, I summarise some of my early thinking on the visual and the verbal in the ‘Shakespeare and Art’ section.  In my art practice, the visual/verbal theme features in the ‘Artwork’ thread in the 1991-2000 and 2001-2010 pages.

Other verbal interactions with the visual occur in the fields of Art History, Iconography and Criticism, discussed in the education sections of ‘About Me’ and in this, the ‘Ideas’ thread, in the section on ‘Caspar David Friedrich’.

Various scientific approaches to the visual arts in the psychology of perception, evolutionary psychology, cognitive neuroscience and in art education also feature in this thread (‘Intensive Self Training’, ‘Drawing and the Brain’, ‘Art and Evolution’, ‘Bowerbird Art’).

Finally, Philosophy and Art. The above image of the ‘Sublime’ is shown in homage to the great philosopher Immanuel Kant. It shows the waves breaking over Friar’s Point on Barry Island. I took this photograph of the storm of 4th November 2013 from the Parade Gardens, overlooking Barry Old Harbour.  The right-hand side of the photograph shows the top of the breakwater, which itself is more fully visible in several of the other header images of this website.