About Me

Self Portrait July 1962
Self Portrait aged 16, July 1962. Pencil (25 x 17 cms; 10 x 7 ins)

  This page shows two self-portraits drawn from mirrors, not from photographs. They are separated by 51 years, the first drawn when I was still at school, the second drawn for the Barry Arts Festival of 2013. They are like ‘bookends’ to the period covered by this website at its inception in 2013.

Self Portrait 16th May 2013. Pencil on paper, (21 x 15 cms, 8 x 6 ins).

Self Portrait aged 67, May 2013. Pencil (21 x 15 cms; 8 x 6 ins)

Other pages in this ‘About Me’ thread are about my Artistic Family, Divided Childhood on three continents,         School Education, University Education and            Curriculum Vitae.