‘Back to the Drawing Board!’

Following feedback from friends and family, I have decided to restructure my website, to focus more on the work, and less on the life! I am very grateful for encouraging comments from artists Natalie d’Arbeloff, Anne Irby Crews and Andy Hulling!


Quite recently, I complained to my Web Tutor, Steve Williams, that neither my website nor any of my images were “trawled up” by a Google search of my name! But yesterday (five weeks later) the same search yielded a blizzard, including my three blogs from the past. Two were made for the artists’ group I belong to, VOGA (Vale of Glamorgan Artists). The first, vogaexposed.blogspot.com, is about the group’s 2009 exhibition at the Washington Gallery in Penarth. Each artist presented a work and supporting material about their creative processes. The second, vogadyffryn.blogspot.com is about the group’s 2009-10 residency at Dyffryn Gardens. The third blog, bvanlierop.wordpress.com, promotes a touring exhibition of just my own work that had been inspired by Dyffryn Gardens. 

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