Artworks 1971-80


Bernard van Lierop Breast-feeding relief aluminium sandcasting

Breast-feeding Relief no. 1 (1976) Aluminium 15 x 20 cms (5.75 x 7.75 ins)

This is one of a series of about four breast-feeding reliefs of the same dimensions, each modelled in clay, one after the other, within a wooden picture frame which I had modified to taper forwards from the back, so that a Plaster of Paris mould would not ‘lock’ on, but would lift off easily. Some in the series are ‘landscape’ in format (like this example), and some are ‘portrait’. For each, I cast a ‘pattern’ in thick Glass Reinforced Resin from each plaster mould. I then used these GRP castings as patterns for sandcasting them in aluminium. Once again, the craftsmen at Knowles Foundry poured the hot metal, after teaching me the moulding process, and checking my work, for safety.

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